2021, where did it go?

It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago since we were doing the final preparation for the JOGLE.


The excitement….


The apprehension….

For me personally, I have very mixed feelings about 2021, in that part of me feels like it’s been a year that will be long remembered for its many achievements.

Then part of me feels like I’m a failure.

Think about it for a minute, how does a man cycle 956.04 miles from John ‘O’ Groats to Lands-end? Yet, I’ll never be able to walk unaided again.

Work that one out if you can….

We also cycled a little over 100 miles from Holyhead to Chester in a day and a half.

Yvette said to me the other day, why do I spend time writing blogs, then sending them to a group of people that I’ll probably never see again, well some of you anyway.

At the time I just gave my usual flippant response, “because I can”.

Now having thought about it, you may recall me having said, when I first started writing blogs that I write to share my experiences, some would say that I’m simply bragging but, an old friend of mine called David Key who represents a company called Auspicium, sends out an update on his previous week to all of his clients usually on a Sunday evening, kind of a thoughts of the day.

Like with my public speaking journey, I hadn’t realised that blog writing could impact people’s lives in such a positive way.

Like I’ve said in the past, whenever I write a blog to all of you, I then copy and paste the blog to my website.

I’m now overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback that I receive, with almost 3000 people that have left feedback, about 2000 of those I’m still to read, it’s probably going to take a month to go through it all.

So here we are its December 2021, whilst the majority of you have had the various lockdowns due to COVID to contend with, I’ve been able to enjoy the two things that I allegedly do best, public speaking and, riding the wheels off my trike’s, yes trike’s, I now have three trike’s all made by ICE.

  • An ICE Sprint that I’ve converted for off road use, basically I’ve replaced the original tyres with some knobbly off-road tyres;
  • An ICE VorTeX where I’ve replaced the original seat that you’d race around the track on, with the same sort of touring seat that’s on my Sprint which, I’ve been using for our many cycling challenges;
  • An ICE VTX which, is essentially a full blown racing trike as used by the ICE racing team;

2021 also sore the creation of a Facebook group called (The Cycling Misfits) which, is essentially a group that I’ve created for cyclists of any ability to join and, to post and, to share there-own cycling experiences / achievements. 

The group currently has 124 members most of which, regularly post on the site so, you can probably imagine the site is getting quite big.

I’ve had just one piece of negative feedback about the group from a fellow ICE Trike rider, he’s also a disabled cyclist that didn’t want to associate himself with the group because, being disabled himself he didn’t like the name.


Tactful me went on to tell him to get over himself….followed by “it’s his loss”.  

Throughout the summer I was fairly regularly, at least once a month hosting a track day at Stourport’s Cycle Track where, each session would have around 10, the most being 20 cyclists of varying abilities all through The cycling misfits….

The rule’s throughout the 2 hour allotted time slot are quite simple: –

  • A helmet must be warn on track at all times;
  • All age groups are welcome;
  • All abilities are welcome;
  • Just turn up to turn those pedals as fast as you can and, for as long as you can within the allotted time slot;  

I now use the track at Stourport weather permitting almost every single day…


Anyway, what ever happened to 2021?

Is it just me or, does every year that you add to your life, time just seems to pass by ever so quickly.

I can remember being a small child when time just seemed to stand still, I don’t know whether that was due to the fact that you was clock watching for the next school break or, your birthday  or, Christmas but, didn’t time just seem to stand still?

Now on the other hand things are never quite as exciting so, time seems to fly by.

As your all aware fatigue, more mental fatigue has become the bane of my life. Its bizarre that as tired as I am and, trust me when I say that I feel like a walking corps, I can still go out and cycle for several ours which, proves to me that it’s always mental fatigue.

If was physical, the way that feel I’d be permanently in bed.

Make sense of that…


The year 2021 has been a funny old year, actually who am I trying to kid? It’s a year that’s been packed full of good and bad. I’ve had the euphoria of being able to cycle the JOGLE, through to the disappointment of Yvette wanting a divorce.

Every year I say the same thing, next year can’t possibly be as bad as this but, it really can’t.   

I’ve also seen through a certain person who shall remain nameless, blowing smoke up my ass trying to make me believe that I have the ability to make the next Paralympic Games. No said person, I have the ability to be a an exceptional club Para-cyclist but, I have more chance of being able to knit fog than I have of making the Paralympics.   

I don’t know about any of you but, I fully intend to reflect on 2021, whilst make a promise to myself to do many things very differently in 2022.

We’ve, being Ian and I have been setting goals for 2022 which, you would probably ask, how can we possibly do better than cycle the JOGLE?

Well it might just be possible with goas as follows: –

  • April 2022 – (France D-Day landing beeches) 5 days;
  • March 2022 – (The way of the roses) 3 days;
  • May 2022 – (Devon Coast to Coast) 3 days;
  • June 2022 – (Hadrian’s Wall) 3 days;
  • July 2022 – (NC 500) 7 days;
  • August 2022 – (North Wales coast) 3 days;
  • September 2022 – (Isle of White) 3 days;

Fingers crossed that 2022 will be equally as impressive and, hears hoping for a better year public speaking….