Well its the 4th January 2021 and, it’s bloody freezing cold. We’re only 4 days into what I’m hoping will be another spectacular yet, a trouble free year. 

Each year since I’ve known my therapy team, around this time of year I’ve already set out my goals for the year, each year being more challenging than the last.
This year is slightly different.…

Of course I do have a couple of cycling goals but, with the country bouncing in and out of lockdown it’s difficult, as I’m sure you can appreciate, it’s difficult in fact it’s almost impossible to make any firm plans for the year ahead.

2020 saw my brother-in-law and I set ourselves and, achieve some pretty spectacular and challenging cycling goals. I’m not going to repeat them other than to say how proud I am of those achievements.

2020 was quite possibly the one year where I’ve had to refocus my efforts quite early on in the year. I had targeted myself to deliver 24 talks however, that simply didn’t happen.

2019 saw me focus purely on public speaking, I had targeted myself to deliver 19 talks. However, as I’ve already said, my nineteenth talk at Camelot Care cancelled during the first week of December.

18 talks for the year is still a relatively impressive number…

So for 2021, I’m using the opportunity to re-brand slightly.

Where in the past I’ve branded myself as (The man that speaks), I’m now known as: –

A public speaking trike’r.… 

Therefore, if anyone knows of anybody who’s looking for a motivational and, an incredibly inspirational speaker then please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.