I don’t know about any of you but, I’ve got to be honest I’m really struggling with this lockdown number two.

Yes it took that long, it took 7 years to realise and, to appreciate that being a disabled brain injury survivor, it doesn’t automatically end your life.

Now just to add to the mix we Covid to contend with…

Yes begin a disabled brain injury survivor, it dramatically changes what direction your life is heading but, it will only end your life if you allow it to.
I sincerely hope that nobody reading this blog has had or, will ever have a brain injury and, wind up being disabled. 

It really doesn’t matter who you are or, how successful you’ve been, having a brain injury is the biggest leveller imaginable.   

My only saving grace is, I’ve recovered such that I’m now public speaking to the masses and, I’ve been able to return to cycling well triking, both activities the majority of able bodied people can’t do or, should I say won’t do.

I think that it takes a special breed of person, to have the confidence to be able to stand tall in front of audiences large and small to deliver a talk.

What else has been happening…? 

I’m in talks with a lady called Heather Batey, Heather is a director at a company called Reach Rehabilitation.


This is what she said: –

Hi Shane,

Hope all is well – all good here but soggy.

I was wondering if you would be interested in finding out more about a new TBI rehab unit using out doors sport and activity for brain injury rehab? With your “go get” attitude I wondered if you would be interested in having a chat about perhaps linking with the team there to give your views – having been through the system??

Could this be of interest Shaun?I’m more intrigued about where Heather found my name at the moment if I’m honest, of course I’m interested but, I’d obviously like to know what the opportunity might entail or, indeed if it is an opportunity.

Only time will tell, I should find out on Monday.

Could this be next string to my bow…?