You’ve all seen my strapline (I’ll never be able to walk unaided again but, I can ride the wheels off my trike), well on Saturday 27th June Ian and I supported by Rob, pulled out of John ‘O’ Groats ready to cycle almost 1000 miles to Lands-end over 14 days.

After a 9 hour drive, a stiff whisky and a completely sleepless night, not helped by the fact that at midnight it was still broad daylight, we was up ready to hit the road at 7am.

Unbeknown to me, when Ian and I was planning the trip my younger cousin who I haven’t seen in more than 25 years was also riding the JOGLE. The rather bizarre thing is that we had arranged to stay in exactly the same hotel, The Seaview Hotel in John ‘O’ Groats and, he and his friends arrived about 10 minutes before us. 

As you’re all aware, when I was just 19 I made the British National Squad when I used compete to a very high standard, I know that I’m disabled but, absolutely nothing could prepare me for what was in store for us both.  

OMG there were days when I thought that we’d bitten off more than we could chew, the hills were relentless.

This is a trip that I’ve wanted to do since being 15 years old, I certainly never anticipated being a disabled brain injury survivor before I got the opportunity to do it.

A friend of mine called John Powell a director of Unicare Devon, also pictured in the attached photographs made a three hour trip to welcome our arrival and buy us all a well-earned coffee.

Theirs clearly a lot more to say about the trip however, I’d probably be hear all week therefore, I’ve attached a number of photographs showing what I think were some of the best bits.

I’ve complained about mental fatigue many times before however, after cycling a thousand miles in just 14 days I’m actually a physical wreck.

Hears to our next cycling challenge.