A bit of inspiration from a disabled brain injury survivor.

Becoming disabled has been the worst experience that I’ve ever had the dissatisfaction to endure.

Or is it…?

In the spring of 2017, I set out on my public speaking journey, motivating and inspiring literally hundreds of people to be the very best version of themselves.

Now I’m just over 11 years post accident, an accident that I should never have survived and, as well as public speaking, I’ve also returned to cycling on my recumbent trike.

I’m now achieving some pretty spectacular cycling goals with my brother-in-law Ian Richard Sanders, goals that anybody without a disability would be proud to achieve.

Have I got a story for you, it’s a story about how two people, one of which is me a 46 year old disabled brain injury survivor, the other one is my brother-in-law a 51 year old heart attack victim, have defied all the odds and are now achieving some pretty spectacular goals.

One of which was to cycle from Coast to Coast, starting off in Morecambe on the West Coast of England then cycling 140 miles across the country to Scarborough on the East. It was a journey that sore me have, a pretty impressive crash on day one, ending up in hospital. Then despite being advised against it by the hospital, we went on to complete the challenge in just three days.

Our next challenge was to cycle what turned out to be 123.3 miles from where I live in the Midlands, down through Wales finally arriving in the coastal town of Aberystwyth.

On Monday 26th October, we drove to Devon, ready to cycle 100 miles of the Devonshire coastline in just one day on Tuesday.

Sometime during July 2021, we will be cycling the LEJOG, Lands-end to John ‘O’ Groats. The route that we’re planning on taking covers 937 miles across some beautiful and picturesque Scottish and English countryside.

We will be cycling roughly 180 miles from where I live in the Midlands, down to London sometime during the course of January 2021.

I will be returning to competitive cycling in 2021, in fact I did have aspirations of qualifying for the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris, I’m saying did have aspirations because, I’ve recently learnt that my bike, a recumbent trike isn’t a supported bike at this level of competition.

Their absolutely will be further goals as we approach 2021 but, I think that this little lot is enough to be getting on with for now.

Stay tuned for further updates…