A lady called Ali McNamara from AJ Case Management left me some feedback following a talk that I gave to them in 2019, she said that I’d had to learn how to take the rough with the smooth. 

It would appear as though my life in general, is all about taking the rough with the smooth.

In fact it’s true to say that I can relate to many songs that have been in the charts over the years, just as I’m sure that most of you can.

As I’ve said in a previous blog, the song that best describes my own set of circumstances is, “Life is a Roller Coaster by Ronan Keating”.

I’ve had to put up with and, accept a lot since my accident…. 

The biggest thing being, that this is me, a disabled brain injury survivor.

Its so difficult to remain positive when the world around you is crumbling around your ears.

Just when you think that life is running on an even keel, I’ve accepted that this is me, a disabled has been.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my public speaking journey which, incidentally I’m starting to take more and more bookings now that COVID appears to have settled down a bit.

I’ve accepted that having spent years trying to kid myself by assuming that I’d somehow make a miraculous recovery and, I’ll get up and walk again, when I quite clearly won’t but, I’ve been able to compensate by returning to cycling.

WOW, what a return with 3 Coast to Coasts under our belt, with a fourth still to come.

We cycled 956.04 mile all the way from John ‘O’ Groats to Lands-end in 14 days, plus many hundreds of miles training.

I’m returning to competitive cycling riding for my new racing team, 365 sponsored by JD Cycles.

I’ll be riding my new ICE VTX racing trike which, I’m very aware that you could argue, its down to the rider but, I can absolutely assure you that it’s a quick trike.

In windy conditions on the Stourport cycle track I was able to shave almost 3 mph of my average speed during a 2hr session.

Also, at the other end of the scale, why do riders like Chris Boardman spend an ordinate amount of money having a bike specially designed by LOTUS Engineering to break the world hour record if it’s all about the rider?

If it wasn’t about the bike surely he’d be able to just rock up on a £200 Halfords special….?

Just when I’ve accepted that this is me, by creating my new normal BOOM, something happens that tips my world upside down when, my wife of seven years announces that she wants a divorce.

I never sore that one coming….

Another blog that’s very relevant right now is Carpe Diem, a Latin expression meaning “seize the day”.

Yet again I find myself having to rebuild my life, I ask how many more times will I have to start all over again?

How many more time’s will I have take the rough with the smooth???