Like your all aware, largely because I’ve told you often enough also, it’s the reason why I chose to end all of my therapy.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my return to cycling, it’s almost like I’ve been given a new beginning….

For many years I wrongly and, rather foolishly assumed that I wouldn’t always be disabled, the stupid thing is I was ashamed of it.

There you go I’ve said it, (I was ashamed of being disabled).

It wasn’t until I started my public speaking journey, when I finally realised that I could use being disabled to my advantage.

All of a sudden I found that I had the confidence to stand in front of any number of people, sharing a journey about before, during and following an accident that I should never have survived.  

The feedback that I was receiving was quite literally mind blowing….

I regularly get invited back to places to share my story, I’ve even had people who have been in the audience at conferences that I’ve delivered a talk to, contact me several months later to deliver talks at their own establishment, Greenwich University being a case in point. 

Everybody knows that I made the British Nation Squad when I was 18 years old, I was good but I doubted my ability so, I was never able to see just how good I could have been or, how good I was.

Now it would seem that I’ve been given a new beginning, a new opportunity to prove to myself and, those around me that I do have the ability to go all the way.

I’ll never forget being a junior rider and, receiving special dispensation to race in the professional / amateur race called ”The Tour of Lancs”. I remember like it was yesterday, I got myself into a nine man break containing the World hour record holder and, Tour de France stage winner Chris Boardman.

To say that I was made to chew my stem off or, in other words given a hard time is an understatement.  

I’m never going to be given that opportunity again, well not in the same way anyway.

However, my new team manager Carl Woodfield obviously has seen something to have signed me up as a Para-cyclist.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow being Sunday, 29th August I hope to begin to find out, when I take part in British Cycling’s disability hub in Stourport. 

It will go one of two ways, I’ll either be a roaring success or, a disappointing flop. I suspect that I’ll do very well and, hopefully this will be the start of a new and, rather exciting beginning.

Either way I anticipate it being lots of fun….