You’ve all seen that I’m returning to competitive cycling with my new team JD Cycles 365, to help me on my way to being more competitive, I’ve just signed up to purchasing a new racing trike similar to the one in the attached photograph.  

This is the exact same trike as the one used by the ICE Racing Team….

I should receive the trike in about 10 weeks once its been delivered into the UK and, its been adapted for my use putting all the controls for left handed use.

I’m under absolutely no illusions that I’ll ever be good enough to make to the top but, what if I did?

What if after almost dying, then having abused my body by drinking way to much red wine over the last few years and, having smoked way to many cigars, what if I did miraculously make it to the top?

If I clean up my act now, I’ve got just under three years to train hard and, get fit for the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

I’m not a gambling man but, even if I was I wouldn’t bet against me getting somewhere close….

You may all remember that on the 5th of May 2020, I was hosting a public speaking conference called (The will to succeed) at the Abbey Hotel in Redditch, where all 5 speakers including myself had a disability of some description.

The speakers included: –

  • Myself a brain injury survivor and, former sales director with IBM;
  • Ex footballing ace Charlie Fogerti;
  • Wheelchair model Riona Kelly;
  • Wheelchair model Samanta Bullock;
  • Locked-in Syndrome survivor and author Kate Allatt;

My point being ANYTHING is possible, I’ll never be able to walk unaided again but, I can ride the wheels of my trike. Charlie is back kicking a ball around the pitch. Riona is back walking again following her second stroke last Christmas. Samanta, whilst she’s not able to walk, she is a wheelchair model and, a fashion designer for wheelchair users. Kate, what can I say about Kate? Her recovery has been phenomenal, she’s back on her feet again, in fact I’m taking Kate out to dinner on the 26th September.

Therefore there is a chance, all be it a very slim chance that I make the next Paralympic games.