When the world finally gets back to a bit of normality and, I’m aloud to take to the stage again on my public speaking journey, my god will I have an inspirational story to share…

It will be a story about how a disabled brain injury survivor, cycling with my brother-in-law and heart attack victim, with my support worker Rhys Thomas driving the support vehicle, has defied adversity to achieve some truly amazing things despite having been as good as written off following my accident.

Attached are some pictures and, proof of my latest cycling challenge of cycling 123.3 miles from home to Aberystwyth. 
We had planned to cycle all the way home in one go. However, as we’d woke up to monsoon weather conditions on the day that we returned we decided against the idea. 
Do you know what though…?

That really doesn’t matter because, we’d completed what we’d set out to achieve and, that was to cycle from home all the way to Aberystwyth.

Dare I say, the the hills that we ascended were absolutely relentless, I’d actually say that they were worse than what we went over cycling from Coast to Coast, if that’s at all possible.
Now on to the next epic challenge.

“I’ll never be able to walk unaided but, I sure can cycle”.