On Monday morning, my brother-in-law Ian and I set out from Morecambe along “The way of the roses” 170 mile Coast to Coast cycling challenge. 

We’d decided to go on The way of the roses largely because, a friend of mine that I used to race with recommended it. I think their lies the problem, we used to race together about 26 years ago when we were a lot younger and, significantly fitter, I certainly wasn’t disabled.   

“My god, I’ve seen flatter roads in the French Alps”. 

We’d decided to leave The way of the roses because, in the heat that we’d been presented with on Monday, those hills were unbearable. We’d reached the A59 heading towards Harrogate where we were staying. About 10 miles short of Harrogate coming down one of the climbs, I must have picked up quite a bit of speed, about 25+ mph when the trike started snaking in the road. 

The next thing that I remember was Ian scraping me up of the road and, him then sitting me up on the side of the road out of harms way. He immediately called for an Ambulance, it felt like something out of Beverly Hills 90210. 

First an of duty police officer who had been passing, pulled over making sure that I was warm by covering me with his jacket, by which time any street cred that I had, had now gone out of the window. He then organised a couple of other passers bye that had stopped, he’d asked them to stop any oncoming traffic. 

Then a paramedic showed up, closely followed by the Ambulance. They asked me the usual standard questions. Things like, Who am I? Who’s my next of kin? Where do I live? What’s my actual address? What’s my postcode? Which doctors surgery am I with? What’s my phone number? Etc. Etc. Etc.

I’m sure that they realised that I was ok, when I started to hurl witty abuse at Ian before I started giving the ambulance driver harmless abuse for his terrible driving….

Anyway, I was stretchered of to hospital where I was seen by a doctor who gave a clean bill of health, saying that all of my injuries looked superficial, mainly cuts and bruises with the exception of some swelling on my forehead, when I’d told him why I was disabled and, about me having a brain injury, his advice was not to cycle the following day.

Me being me decided to ignore his advice and carry on anyway completing a mammoth 66.66 miles, meaning that we’d in 2 days cycled from Coast to Coast, starting on the seafront in Morecambe, then arriving in Scarborough. The mileage fell short of the 170 mile that we’d set out to achieve so we set of on day three with the intension of cycling another 40 miles. 

However, at 9.68 miles when Ian had a puncture, then in close succession I had a puncture we made the sensible decision to call it a day and call Rhys to come and get us. We headed down in to Bridlington for a photo next to “The way of the roses” finish line before Ian and I sat down for a well-earned pint.

Our journey wasn’t over their though because, I’d arranged to meet Angela Fletcher the CEO of Happy Futures for a coffee and more photo’s but, we’d done it, my brother-in-law and heart attack victim. Along with myself, a disabled brain injury survivor had successfully cycled 129 miles from Coast to Coast. “Morecambe to Scarborough (West coast to East coast), if that isn’t headline news then I don’t know what is…. 

Thank you Ian, I couldn’t of done it without you and, thank you Rhys for providing such good backup never being too far away. 

Now on to the next epic challenge….