If anyone is having difficulty working out these new Covid rules, I’ve broken them down for you…

You can meet hundreds of people at work🏢or school🏫 you can brush shoulders🙎‍♀️, pick their noses👃and lick their face👅 if you wish?!But don’t meet more than 6 of these people in leisure time as the virus has mutated🤷‍♀️ 

It now only infects you if there’s 7 or more people in a group and you’re chilling out🧖‍♀️ It can not infect you at school or work, because it’s scared of the huge crowds of people🤔

You can still go to a pub🍻 where you are in an enclosed building breathing in everyone’s germs🧫 because Covid doesn’t drink🚫 so it doesn’t go to the pub of course🤷‍♀️ 

But scientists have discovered that Covid is quite partial to your parents👫 or friends👯‍♀️garden⚘🌱or house🏠 or in the open air🏞 where social distancing is very easy! 

In fact, this is so risky😷that councillors are probably sat🪑 round a table in the local pub, discussing the closure of them right now!
It’s still ok for you to cram into tourists spots🗽🎡🎢🎠 as long as only 6 of you come at once, because 7 might tip it over the edge and make Covid sad🥺

But you are alright until Monday because the Virus must be still on Holiday🥳

Think that should clear things up! 😁👍🏻