Does anybody know how to become a professional blogger?

I’ve got to be honest, I never knew that there was such a thing but, out of the 1736 bits of feedback left on the various blogs that I’ve posted on my web-site, I would say that about 400 of those have asked me if I’m a professional blogger.

I don’t know if it’s a feature of having a brain injury but, I get an ordinate amount of satisfaction from receiving such positive feedback.

What I do know is, when I look back eight or nine years, before meeting Yvette when the only thing that I was doing is drinking copious amounts of Costa Coffee or, vegetating in front of my computer or, the television, I now wake up feeling excited about the day ahead.

Well most days anyway….


With the help of all of you, I’ve been able to build a new and, an exciting life or, something that I also wrote a blog about, I’ve been able to create my new normal.

It’s funny how life turns out sometimes, one minute your rising to the top of the world then, just before you reach the top something happens, in my case a life threatening accident, that brings you crashing back down.

You’ll all be aware that my accident happened on the 5th August 2009. You may also be aware that it happened on the B500 also known as Romantische StraBe, the Romantic Road at a place called Baden-Baden in Germany.

We was on our second pass of the B500 that day, because that stretch of road was so good on the first pass we decided to go back and ride that exact same stretch of road again.

When I’m giving one of my talks, I make reference to the fact, that split second decision to ride the B500 again was the best decision and the worst decision to ever made.  

I then go on to say….

Let me explain, It was the best decision because, (I’ve had to change this bit due to recent occurrence’s but, I now say that I’m achieving things cycling that the majority of able bodied people can’t, we live in a beautiful 5 bedroom home sitting on 4 acres of land with, 9 Shetland Ponies, 3 Kuoni Kuoni pigs, we did have 4 but, one died. We have 4 dogs 4 cats and, about a hundred Koi Carp).

It was the worst decision because, (I was left fighting for my life, with several broken limbs and, a traumatic brain injury, oh and we have 4 dogs which, usually sets the room alight with laughter).

I’d like to think that you’ve all inadvertently saved me from a lifetime of misery….

Can you imagine how abysmal my life would have been if I hadn’t met each of you?

I now have a purpose again….

A real sense of achievement again….

A reason to get out of bed of a morning….

These three things had been sadly missing from my life before I was found to have the capacity to make decisions about my welfare which, in accordance with the CQC it also inadvertently includes my care which, enabled me to recruit each of you.                                    

I’m so excited because, towards the end of April 2022 myself, Ian and, two cycling friends Paul Walker and, Ste Lee from Market Drayton  are heading across to France to cycle the whole of the Normandy Coast, 500km in total.

If you go online you will see that there are a number of routes with various distances that equate to 500km. However, our plan will be to cycle all 500km over 5 consecutive days allowing 2 additional days for travel to and, from France.

Hears looking forward to 2022.