If anybody is interested in attending a cycling track day experience with a difference, the difference being for the first event it will be for people to turn up, enjoy the experience, and to find out wether riding on a track is for you.

The event will be held on Sunday, 6th June between the hours of 1 and 3pm.

All bike types are welcome and, all levels of experience are welcome.

The event will be run at Stourport Cycle Circuit in the Wyre Forest (details attached).

All that I ask is that your bikes are road worthy and, that a helmet must be warn at all times whilst on track.

To register for the event please visit (The cycling misfits) group on Facebook.

Most importantly: –

  • Stay safe on a closed circuit;
  • Meet like minded people;
  • Have some harmless banter;
  • Enjoy the day and have a laugh;