I wanted to give you an update on my return to cycling.

You’ll be aware that roughly 2 years ago, I was fortunate enough to return to cycling well, due to my disability it’s actually more trikeing.

I remember like it was yesterday, Rhys and I had arranged to meet Birgit at a shop called D-TEK at a place called Little Threatford near Cambridge, to see somebody called Kevin Dunseath.

I came away from D-Tek with a nice red ICE Sprint recumbent trike.I’ve since learnt that Kevin is like the Oracle of recumbent trikes so, a good find Birgit.

To say that I was apprehensive is an understatement.…

The last time that I had a go on a recumbent trike, was probably two, maybe even three years before, when Rob and I met with my case manager at the time, Kiada Eden from AKA.

It wasn’t pretty…

I set off riding round the arena, trying desperately not to run people over.

I came to the end of my test ride and, amidst all the excitement I forgot that you needed to apply the brakes to stop which, is never easy when you only have one functional arm.

I got to the display stand where, instead of stopping as planned, I proceeded to go flying past the stand heading straight towards the arena wall.  

The look of fear on people’s faces was priceless…

Luckily for me and the company promoting the trikes, I’d remembered that it had brakes only moments before reaching a solid concrete wall.

I’m sure that, had Birgit known this beforehand, then I perhaps wouldn’t of been encouraged to buy a trike in the first place.
As you will have seen from previous blogs, I’m taking my trikeing very seriously.

Whilst I haven’t been able to get out training anywhere near as often as I’d like, largely due to lockdown number 2, and the fact that we have had some snow, making it bloody freezing cold.

I have been able to make good use of my Tacx turbo trainer pictured below.

As you’ll also see below, I’m able to travel all round the world using two different cycling apps, one called Zwift the other one is called Rouvy AR, their are others out their but these are the most popular.

The added bonus is you don’t have to leave the warmth or the comfort of your own front room.
You might think that our past cycling achievements are impressive but, just wait to see what 2021 has in store for Ian and I.

We’re currently finalising what 2021 will look like but, once we have a cycling buddy in place I’ll fill you all in on the details.  Just be prepared to be inspired