Do you all know something that’s absolutely mind blowing?  

I’m able to cycle almost a thousand miles, 956.04 miles to be precise from John ‘O’ Groats to Lands-end in just 14 days, plus the three different coast to coasts we cycled last year yet, I’ll never be able to walk unaided again.

Work that one out if you can…..

Coming to terms with and, accepting that this is now me, a disabled brain injury survivor is the single most difficult thing that I’ve ever had the dissatisfaction to endure.

Before it’s held against me and, I’m accused of lacking capacity because I’m being repetitive, I’m very aware that I’ve used that exact same sentence many times before.

I just felt compelled to state that simple fact of life one more time….   

On Friday 15th October we’re heading to Barnstaple in Devon, where we’ll be met by John Powell of UniCare Devon for a few swift halves, before we’re up ready to drive the all of seven miles it is to Ilfracombe to cycle the Devon C to C which, equates to 99 miles down to Plymouth.  

A couple of our cycling friends Paul Walker and his buddy Ste Lee, both from Market Drayton will be joining us on the trip which, will make it interesting, especially when all of us are desperate to hit that magic hundred miles in just one day, well as you’re all aware I used to be a top cyclist when I used to race in excess of a hundred miles most Sundays but, since being disabled the most I’ve cycled is 88 miles when Ian and I cycled the JOGLE.

Anyway, theirs a simple solution to achieving the magic hundred on the Devon C to C and, that is to actually start cycling from the hotel in Barnstaple, adding six additional miles won’t make that much difference I’m sure. 

Not to long to wait now….