The million dollar question is, does rehab ever stop following an accident? In my humble opinion, I don’t believe that it ever really does. If you were to stop for a minute to take a look at, and really understand my own set of circumstances, then you would think along the same sort of lines. Saying that, I’m very aware that there are people out their that, no matter how hard they try, they’ll never improve.

My own story, of course I think is rather amazing and quite inspirational. My motorbike accident as you’ll already be aware, happened on the 5th August 2009. It happened on the B500 also known as the Romantic Road, at a place called Baden-Baden in Germany.

Now I’m very aware that some peoples recovery grinds to a halt. My own recovery did exactly that for a while, then in the December of 2015 I had it confirmed that I have the capacity to make decisions about my welfare. Which, in accordance with the CQC it also included my care.

Therefore, I’m guessing that you’ve probably already worked out what happened next? I immediately terminated the employment of the case management company that had supported me. Poaching a couple of there employees, the case management company had been supporting me ever since being discharged from Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Facility. This is where my rehab and my recovery really began because, it meant that I’d also have to find a whole new therapy team.

I spent hours, probably even days trawling through various websites trying to find the best possible team. It’s actually quite hard to comprehend what I’ve achieved since, certainly since my original prognosis was that I had Locked-in Syndrome.

During 2016 I started to take myself to the bathroom, completely unsupported with the use of a walking frame. Then, in 2017 I became 100% independent and self sufficient in all aspects of my personal care. Not only do I toilet myself but, I also shower and dry myself then dress myself completely independently. I’ve even started to wet-shave again having used an electric razor for years. 

Some of my other achievements included, I started to drive again, although I need to be assessed again, I rode my first ever Segway, I started shooting where it transpires that I’m an excellent shot, I got in a swimming pool again and didn’t drown having not swam for years, I managed to negotiate a sandy beech, I’m now public speaking. Therefore, who knows what this year will bring? What I can and will say with confidence, is that I’m not done recovering yet, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Whoever said that miracles don’t happen? Especially when I was originally thought to have Locked-in Syndrome……!