“The dropping anchor exercise”, this is something that I learnt about 6 weeks ago and, I’ve got to be honest it’s already transformed my life.

I’m guessing that you’re all aware of my circumstances, if you don’t then where have you been?

My life right now is like a double edge sword, on one side, my health, life is going swimmingly well with all of my cycling achievements.

The other side, my personal life, it’s very much like something that you might scrape of the sole of your shoe, yes it’s that bad.

I’m very aware that I’ll never be able to walk unaided again, the injuries that I sustained as a result of my accident are such that I’ll just have to accept that this is me, what you see is what you get.

What I am able to learn are new techniques that go a long way to making my life more bearable.  

The dropping anchor exercise is testimony to this….

Imagine a ship in a rough sea, what you might do is lower or, drop its anchor to make it more stable.

The very same theory applies in my situation when at times it’s so unbearable.

I’ve read somewhere that being a brain injury survivor means that noise pollution is up to four times worse, than it is for somebody without a brain injury.

I don’t know how true this is but, imagine what it’s like being woken by four yapping dogs every single morning at times ranging from 4:30am to 6am, then imagine what it’s like with a brain injury.

How I haven’t slit their throats is anybody’s guess.

When I bought all but one of our four dogs as pets for Yvette, what I never anticipated was they would pretty much be left to their own devices, there never disciplined, they are basically feral. 

Dropping the anchor is essentially a method of distracting you when at times your blood reaches boiling point, this is something that sadly is a regular occurrence at present.

Especially with 4 yapping dogs….   

I’ve learnt two what on the face of it are very simple technique, the first being to push your feel hard into the floor, this I find very effective.

I have used this a few times but, due to my legs being very strong I have to be careful where I am sat because, a couple of times when I’ve gone to use this technique, I’ve either been sat in my office chair which, it has wheels so you can probably imagine what happens.

Imagine Bambi on ice LOL…   

The other technique, the one I’ve chosen to adopt, is when you place your hands together in a vice like grip, then focus on different items around the room, this technique I’m guessing distracts from whatever made you angry in the first place.

The reason that I’ve chosen to adopt this technique for the simple reason, its equally as affective and, there is less chance of hurting myself. Lol