“By way of an introduction, my name is Shane Booth and, I’m a 47 year old brain injury survivor”.

On the 5th August 2009, I was involved in a major life threatening motorbike accident at a place called Baden-Baden in Germany.

This accident left me fighting for my life, with several broken limbs and a traumatic brain injury.

The accident ultimately left me disabled and, for three months I was unable to speak.

Fast forward seven years, when I started my public speaking journey as (The man that speaks), motivating and inspiring literally hundreds of people to be the very best version of themselves.

Fast forward eleven years and, I’ve recovered to the point where I’ve been able to return to cycling on a recumbent trike.

Cycling is a sport that I’ve always been very good at and passionate about, competing to a very high standard.

2020 saw my brother-in-law, Ian Richard Sanders who 4 years ago suffered a heart attack and I, achieve some quite spectacular goals including, cycling three different Coast to Coast challenges, those being: –

  • Morcombe to Scarborough achieving 140 miles in just 3 days;
  • Ilfracombe to Plymouth achieving 109 miles in just 2 days;
  • Whitehaven to Whitley Bay, Tynemouth achieving 107.5 in just 2 days;

We’ve also cycled many hundreds of miles to different places, including cycling 78.2 miles to Drayton Manor and back on multiple occasions, 123.35 miles to the coastal town of Aberystwyth along with many rides around the Cotswolds, also with countless trips to the Tissington Trail near Ashbourne, Sandwell Park and, we’ve also cycled multiple trips over the highest point in the Midlands, Clee Hill on route to Craven Arms in Shropshire.   

We’ve cycled multiple times around Lake Vyrnwy near Powys in Wales, it’s 11 miles round making it half tidy undulating ride after 3 or 4 laps.  

Ian and I did actually attempt cycling to Cheltenham however, we short by about 20 miles when we was ill prepared not carrying lights and, we ran out of day light hours so had to be picked up, we won’t be doing that again.

I returned to cycling about 18 months, 2 years ago when all that I was capable of doing is to cycle 6 miles round Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham or, 11 miles round Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield. Whereas we now cycle an absolute minimum of 30 miles.

I’ve now recruited a cycling buddy who so far we’ve cycled 37.55 miles around the lanes in the Bromsgrove area, we’ve also done a 31.57 mile ride round the roads near Henley in Arden.

So now is the time to focus our efforts on goals for 2021, what an epic year we have planned. 

On Tuesday, 13th of April Ian, my cycling buddy Stef Brown and I will be driving to Holyhead ready to cycle 109.2 miles to Chester. We have set aside 2 days but, I think that its achievable in just one day.

On Sunday, 16th May Ian and I are taking on the 2021 Poppy Ride.

There are three distances that you can aim for, theirs a 35km ride, a 70km ride and, a 136km ride round the Staffordshire countryside.

We’ve opted to tackle the 136km challenge which, will be our longest ride in a single day since returning to cycling. 

136km equates to roughly 100 miles.

This is what they say about the dreaded COVID: –

“All our events operate in line with COVID-19 safety guidelines at the time”….. 

Detailed below is some information about what’s in store for us both.

136km: This is the longest Poppy Ride route which is comparable to the longest day on our iconic Pedal to Paris event, this route also passes the very poignant National Memorial Arboretum

Route 3: Distance 136km Elevation 1094m

The event’s longest route takes in Cannock Chase, as well as stopping at The National Memorial Arboretum, the UK’s year-round centre of Remembrance, before returning to Lilleshall. A poignant and enjoyable ride, at 136km it’s a fantastic challenge.

From June 25th – July 10th Ian and I, supported by Stef will be taking on the JOGLE, 937 miles from John ‘O’ Groats to Lands-end.

There will be further goals as we get further into 2021 but, I think this is enough to be getting on with for now.