Not surprisingly I’ve been applying some thought around challenges and goals for 2021. 2020 sore Ian and I achieve some pretty spectacular cycling, including three Coast to Coast challenges, along with cycling many hundreds of road miles to various different places.

2021 will be a year that’s pact full of many different cycling challenges and goals, including the 136km Poppy Ride which, you all should have received my sponsorship request on behalf of (The British Legion) by now…?

I had hoped to take to the stage again on my public speaking journey however, with the world ducking in and out of lockdown, god only knows when that’s likely to be, let’s hope for a speedy role out of the new vaccine. 

One thing that I am confident in saying is, our goals will undoubtably include one or more Coast to Coast challenges, including the LEJOG.

There are nine Coast to Coast routes to choose from or, should I say that theirs nine recognised Coast to Coast Routes.

Of course as long as you cross the country from West Coast to East or, top to bottom North to South or, even vice versa then you’ve technically cycled from Coast to Coast irregardless of where you start and finish. 

Ian and I have already cycled Routs 7, 8 and 9, we plan to ride route 5 in July, well we are if the lockdown restrictions allow.

The following are the recognised C to C routes:-

Route 1: 120 miles, the equivalent of Dundee to Fort William;

Route 2: 180 miles, Swansea to Bangor
Route 3: 220 miles, Margate to Weston-Super-Mare I’m 4: 500 miles, North Coast route
Route 5: 947 miles, from Land’s End to John O’Groats
Route 6: “The way of the roses” 174 miles from Morecambe to Bridlington

Route 7: Morecambe to Scarborough 

Route 8: The NE C 2 C, 106 miles from Whitehaven to Whitley Bay Tyne-mouth.

Route 9: Ilfracombe to Plymouth

Just to add to this, I’m sharing messages with Alan Goodman, Alan is the race coordinator for the British Human Powered Vehicle association.

Alan does seem quite hopeful that competition will commence at some point throughout 2021, perhaps not in the same way that people have become accustomed to but, never the less competition should still commence.

I am a little apprehensive because, what if I’m not able to return to my winning ways? Only time will tell…

As a back up plan, we’ve talked about doing things like, cycle across to Enniscorthy in Southern IreLand to see my father, my brother and his family. We’ve also discussed cycling over to France when or, if the borders ever open, treat it as a family holiday.

Somebody called Josh Quigley from Scotland set of cycling round the world at the beginning of last year. Unfortunately for Josh he was forced to abandon when he was knocked off his bike sustaining a number of injuries. Therefore, he returned to Scotland where he’s recently completed the NW 500 which, he’s since done a number of TV and Radio interviews.

Why I’m telling you about Josh is because, whilst Josh isn’t a disabled brain injury survivor or, is he a heart attack victim, he has had to battle against adversity to achieve these things.   It’s like I always say when I’m public speaking “if at first you don’t succeed, then try try again”……

Carpe Dieme seize the day…