As we’re nearing the end of 2021, I’ve been applying some thought around goals for 2022, so far it’s looking pretty spectacular, with COVID permitting my / our goals include: –

  • At the end of April, me Ian and, 2 and two cycling friends from Market Drayton in Shropshire are heading across the channel to France, where we will be cycling the whole of the Normandy Coast, taking in all of the D-day landing beeches in 5 days, about 500km;
  • Sometime towards the end of June, we plan to ride NC500 in Scotland which, should be fun due to it being so hilly;
  • At some point during the summer we plan to cycle (The way of the roses) which, you may remember me having quite a spectacular crash in last year;
  • Again during the summer months we will be attempting the Devon Coast to Coast again, when we absolutely will break the 100 mile barrier in just one day;       
  • I’m planning on cycling the JOGLE again with a group of disadvantaged cyclists, I’ve been invited along due to my experience as a cyclist and, the fact that I’ve already completed the JOGLE so I know what to expect. Only this time by hook or, by crook I plan to break 1000 miles;
  • I intend to pursue becoming a professional blog writer;
  • As your all aware, the last 2 years have been quite a lame effort where public speaking is concerned therefore, as  the world returns to a bit of normality following the devastation caused by COVID, I aim to get back to delivering at least 2 talks a month;       

There will of course be further goals as we approach 2022 but, that should give you a flavour of what’s planned.