Growing up I certainly never anticipated that I’d be a disabled brain injury survivor.

Up until my early twenties, I believed that I was invincible.

I mean why wouldn’t I feel that way?

In school, anything practical like sport, wood work and, metal work I always excelled at, even home economics.

I’ve now had to change my entire outlook on life, no longer am I a highly successful businessman, the high flyer wearing flashy Hugo Boss suits with, Eaton hand-made shirts and ties.

See I gave myself two choices in recent years, I could sit back and wallow in self-pity, basically feel sorry for myself or, I could choose to do something about it which, of course I chose the latter.

I know one thing though, my new ICE VTX Trike is awesome…

It handles like a dream, going round corners it’s almost like it’s on rails.

For many years I’ve been a believer that how you perform isn’t necessarily about the bike.

How wrong was I….?

Even at my level which, I’ve got to be honest is pretty low but, even I can see that my VTX is a significantly better trike than either my Sprint or, my VorTex. 

If it wasn’t about the bike, why does the cycling industry as a whole invest millions trying to make bikes and, cycling kit lighter and, more aero dynamic?

As a teenager when I was at my best as a cyclist I kind of rebelled, in that when everybody else was riding aluminium or, carbon frames I chose to stick with steel, believing that steel is real. 

What I’ve learnt in recent years is, if I’d of chosen to change my views and, ride carbon or alloy, the two areas that I used to excel at, either climbing or, sprinting for the finish I’d of been so much more successful because, both products are significantly lighter and, more ridged than steel.

So here I am a disabled brain injury survivor, at the age of 47 soon to be 48, you could argue that I’m simply a disabled has been yet, every time I’m able to get out cycling or, public speaking my opinion of life changes.

See when I’m on stage giving a talk, I’m actually doing something that the majority of able bodied people can’t, not because they don’t have the ability, its more because they don’t have a good enough story to share or, they simply don’t have the confidence.

Where cycling is concerned you’ve only got to look at my / our achievements in recent years.

To have gone from cycling just 6 miles round Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham, to having cycled just this year 956.04 miles from John ‘O’ Groats to Lands-end in just 14 days.      

Goals for 2022

2022 – we’ve set some equally challenging cycling goals, some would say even more challenging but, for me it’s just more miles in some truly beautiful scenery doing what I do best, cycling;

2022 – I’m fully intending to return to competitive cycling, I’ve had various conversations with British Cycling and, The British Human Powered Vehicle Club, once the calendar of events for 2022 has been published I will be entering a number of them;  

2022 – I’ve been asked on a number of occasions whether I’m a professional blogger, I’ve currently got 2,300 comments to read through on the various blogs on my website, at a glance a large portion of those have asked if I’m a professional blogger. Therefore, I fully intend to do what’s required to make it happen; 

2022 – will also see me complete my autobiography, last updated on the 3rd January 2018, it now has 66 chapters over 520 A4 pages so, it’s got to worth completing;

2022 – Public Speaking, As the world returns to a bit of normality following the devastation caused by COVID-19, I’m planning to take to the stage again, hopefully bettering my previous target of delivering at least 2 talks a month;

What I’m leading up to is, being disabled, having suffered a brain injury, it hasn’t really slowed me down or, stopped me from doing things that I’ve always been very god at, it might have taken me the best part of a decade to finally admit that this me but, my god look at me.

Since accepting that I’m disabled my achievements have been quite simply mind blowing….