Well what can I say about 2020? Other that it’s a year that I’d quite like to forget, what a car crash of a year…

Talk about uncertainty, I was thinking that good old Boris was handling things quite well given the circumstances but, I’m starting to imagine what it was like in a First World War concentration camp now. 

Bloody horrible…

The million dollar question is, what will this year (2021) have in store for us all….?

I can’t wait to find out…..

He says with a slight hint of sarcasm…..

A nice thing is that I’ve already got a number of talks, either confirmed or in the pipeline.

People like Headway and, Enable Law as examples. I’ve also got Worcester University at some point, date TBC.

What I will say with absolute confidence is, it will without a shadow of doubt be a year that’s packed full of challenges.  One of my Christmas presents was a coffee mug with OCD inscribed on it, it also has the words (Obsessive Cycling Disorder) inscribed on it which, I found bloody hilarious, especially when you consider that cycling and public speaking is my new normal.

Now that Christmas and New Year is behind us all, it’s time to turn my attention to our goals for 2021.

Which, I promise will be plenty-full.