Well this was a trip of two halves that’s for sure, after what seemed like a lifetime to get to Holyhead following an accident on the A41, where several police cars a fire engine, an ambulance and an air ambulance attended the scene, with a damp and a late start we finally set off to Chester.

I don’t quite know what it is about the routes that we or, should I say Ian keeps selecting but, they all appear to be quite mountainous especially on my recumbent trike.

Day one produced quite a nice surprise, after about 20 miles in on day one we heard a voice from the opposite side of the road, calling out my name. 

As we got closer I started to recognise the voice, it was only my childhood sweetheart, my best friend growing up at school, a girl, well a lady now called Estelle Hollows formally Sutcliffe.

We did, our families did so much together, we went on holiday to Minorca together, her father Duncan is a guy that I’ve mentioned on a previous blog but, it was almost like we became as thick as thieves. 

I’m pretty sure that a viewed me as the son that he never had….

Anyway, back to the trip, it was sadly quite an abysmal start to the trip, not helped by being stuck in a traffic not moving for three hours, you know I can honestly say that I’ve never been so bored in my entire life.

We did have intentions of cycling all the way to Chester in just the day which, is absolutely achievable. 

However, after such a late start due to the accident we only achieved 34.02 miles on day one, nowhere near what we’d hoped for.

Therefore, rather than have a relaxing round Chester, you know a late start, a bit of shopping, a nice lunch with a few glasses of wine. Instead we found ourselves pushing to get the job done, 62 miles we achieved but, my god it was hot hence, why it was a trip of two halves.

We finished on 96.02 miles, interestingly out of everybody on the trip, their wasn’t a single one of us who can’t or, hasn’t cycled that distance over the course of a day in the last couple of years.