Following on from our many cycling successes over the last few years, Ian and I have been applying some thought around what 2022 might look like.

Aside from the many training rides on either the indoor turbo trainer or, the many hundreds of miles out on more local roads, we’ve also set the following goals: –

  • March 2022 – (The way of the roses)
  • April 2022 – (France and, the D-Day landing beeches) 
  • May 2022 – (Devon Coast to Coast) 
  • June 2022 – (Hadrian’s Wall)
  • July 2022 – (NC 500) 
  • August 2022 – (North Wales coast)  
  • September 2022 – (Cycle round the whole of the Isle of White) 

I will also be riding the (LEJOG) Lands-end to John ‘O’ Groats with a group of shall we say, disadvantaged cyclist. 

The idea that they have is, depending on each individual’s ability, they plan to cycle it in relay. 

So, I’ve said that I’d prefer to cycle the whole distance which, they’ve agreed that they’ll happily accommodate as long as I can encourage people along the way.  

In May when we cycle the Devon Coast to Coast, the goal isn’t necessarily to cycle the C to C because, we’ve already cycled it twice before. 

Each time we’ve suffered mechanical problems along the way…. 

This time will be third time lucky, when we achieve our actual goal of cycling 100 miles in just one day.

As you’re all aware, I’ve been talking about returning to competitive cycling now for some time, I’ve joined a racing team called 365 sponsored by JD Cycles and, I’ve purchased an ICE VTX racing trike.

The final piece to the jigsaw is, having somewhere to race a recumbent trike.

Enter Andy Cook Cycling Ltd || It’s more than just a bike ride

I found Andy whilst researching places to race a recumbent trike before Christmas, last Saturday he got back to me with some quite positive information.

It would appear that Andy is the chair of British Cycling South Region and recently elected Director of British Cycling, Andy is going to point me in the right direction which, will hopefully be a great start. 

The challenge that everybody that rides a recumbent trike comes across is, the UCI who are cycling’s governing body, as I’ve said before, they don’t support or, recognise the recumbent trike.

Therefore, I’m confident that people will have tried before to overturn there decision before but, did they have my tenacity? So another goal for 2022 will be to challenge UCI, to try and get there ruling overturned.

I’ll keep you all posted as each of the challenges are achieved but, in the meantime do wish us luck and, I hope that you all have a fabulous 2022.