For many years, well it was the best part of a decade, I’d been trying desperately to find a sense of purpose again. 

Late in 2016 Jo and I came up with and, set out planning my public speaking journey, by creating and practicing a plausible and factual presentation about myself and, my road to recovery.
In the spring of 2017 my public speakingjourney really began, when I got a handful of bookings, starting at DeMontfort University in Leicester, followed by Naidex and Irwin Mitchel in Birmingham.
“I’d got the bug”…From that day forward I never looked back.
Due to the fact that I’ll never be able to return to work, (brain injury or not) I was desperate to do something other than spend the rest of my life vegetating in front of the television. Therefore, I came up with and created “The man that speaks” brand, then building on what was rapidly becoming successful public speaking journey.
Before the COVID-19 lockdown, I’d been delivering presentations right across the country, roughly three a month to audiences of any size.Not surprisingly, all of my talks have had to cancel due to the social distancing rule.

Not to be deterred by this, I started doing more and more cycling creating some pretty spectacular goals.
My public speaking journey plus my return to cycling, is quite possibly the game changer that I needed. 
It’s helped me to realise and accept that, “I’ll never be able to walk unaided again but, I sure can cycle”.