On the 5th August 2009 my life as it was ended paving the way for a new life to begin, when I was involved in a major life threating motorbike accident at a place called Baden-Baden Germany.

This accident left me fighting for my life, with several broken limbs and a traumatic brain injury.

The accident ultimately left me disabled and, for three months I was unable to speak…..

A lot has happened over the last decade, mostly good but, with a few bad bits to mix things up a bit.

  • On the 1st November 2014, I walked, yes I walked arm in arm Yvette down the isle at Grafton Manor in Bromsgrove to become husband and wife;
  • I became 100% self-sufficient in all aspects of my personal care;
  • I walked completely unsupported and unaided a measured distance of 10 metres; 
  • In the spring of 2017 I began my public speaking journey, when Jo Frost kindly organised a talk to a group of speech and language therapy students at DeMontfort University in Leicester. Later that same year I created (The man that speaks) brand, I then commissioned Rob who very kindly created the logo below. I’ve since delivered 53 talks to various different companies, including Care Homes, Case Management companies, Personal Injury Solicitors and, to a large number of students training to be a therapist of some description at various Universities across the country;  
  • It’s now July 2021 and, Yvette & I are soon to be divorced;

Roughly two / three years ago I bought my first recumbent trike, an ICE Sprint from somebody called Kevin Dunseath at DTEK in Little Threatford near Cambridge, when I was only capable of riding 6 to 11 miles round two local parks near to where I live in the Midlands. Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham then, Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield. I now have 2 trikes, an ICE Sprint and, an ICE VorTex which, in all fairness I use the VorTeX most of the time. 

2020 sore some quite impressive cycling, with many rides over 30 to 40 miles, we also cycled, we being my brother-in-law Ian, riding a traditional upright bike and I, successfully cycled: –

  • We’ve cycled in excess of 75 miles, from my home in the Midlands to Drayton Manor and back in just 1 day on numerous of occasions;
  • We cycled round Lake Vyrnwy near Powys in Wales, again on numerous of occasions; 
  • We cycled from my home to the coastal town of Aberystwyth achieving 123.35 mile in just  2 days; 

We also cycled three different coast to coasts, those being: –

  • Morcombe to Scarborough achieving  140 miles in three days, that’s despite me having a pretty spectacular crash ending up in hospital on day one;
  • Ilfracombe to Plymouth achieving 109 miles in just 2 days;
  • Whitehaven to Whitley Bay, Tynemouth achieving 107.5 miles in just 2 days;

2021 so far has been an equally challenging year, having already cycled many hundreds of miles round the Midlands and Shropshire. We’ve also cycled: –

  • The Taunton Flyer achieving 63.56 miles in just 1 day;
  • Holyhead to Chester achieving 96.65 miles in 2 days;
  • I’ve cycled countless 30+ mile Turbo Trainer sessions and, rides around the Midlands and Shropshire with Ian;
  • We’ve just completed the JOGLE, achieving 956.04 from John ‘O’ Groats to Lands-end in 12 days;

There will be further challenging rides this year including to cycle across to Enniscorthy in Southern Ireland to see my father and family however, the JOGLE has consumed all of our energy right now. We’re already looking forward to what next year might look like, with trips like cycle the whole of the Normandy Coast, plus many more.

The hardest thing to try and achieve since my accident, has been to find a sense of purpose again….

I think that it’s true to say that I’ve finally found it, (The man that speaks, a public speaking trike’r).