I’m very aware that I’ve wrote about this before however, out of the 3000+ people who have left feedback on my various blogs, about 1000 of those have asked will there be a part two? So here goes….

I’m never going to lead a normal life again…. 

I’ve been thinking long and hard about the magnitude of each of my cycling achievements over the last couple of years. 

One in particular was cycling the JOGLE, when Ian and I cycled 956.04 miles from John ‘O’ Groats in the far North of Scotland to Lands-end in far South of England in just 14 days.

If only walls had ears, I’m guessing that the number of conversations about whether we’d achieve it or not were plentiful.

I regularly go on about how successful I was prior to my accident but, let me ask you, isn’t everything that I’m achieving now far superior due to my circumstances?

I genuinely don’t know….

I’m very aware that it’s never good to look back but, let me also ask you, how many of you can sit back and say that you’ve achieved all the things that you set out to achieve in life?

Not to be big headed or anything but, I can say with confidence that I have or, at least came very close.

Can you imagine how dull my life would be, had I not done so many different things? 

Can you also imagine what my life would have been like, had I not been able to enjoy my public speaking journey or, return to cycling? 

The next thing on my agenda is, I’m investigating becoming a professional blogger…..

I’ve got absolutely no idea what is entailed in becoming a professional, I didn’t even know there was such a thing but, if there is I’d like to somehow make it happen.    

Let me ask, how do you define what a normal life looks like?

Isn’t that a nine to five, maybe longer day at work? 

After being discharged from Leamington Spa Rehabilitation facility, I genuinely thought that my life was over, everything that I’d fought all my life to achieve was lost.

My confidence and, my self-esteem was none existent.

For a guy who’d spent his entire life being very successful, it was a tough pill to swallow, going from a life of being at the top of my game to now being a disabled. 

I give myself the job title of “A Motivational & very Inspirational Speaker”, when I’m marketing myself I always say that my sole intention is to motivate and inspire people to be the very best version of themselves.