I’m not even going to pretend that I’ll ever be good enough to represent Great Britain, as a Para-cyclist at the Paralympic Games in 2024 but, what if?

A saying that my father would often use is, (stranger things have happened at sea), it’s very unlikely but who knows…

I’ll never forget going to Naidex at the NEC in Birmingham roughly in the year 2012 to buy a bath chair.

Whilst we were there I test rode a recumbent trike. 

After almost crashing several times, I made the decision that it clearly wasn’t for me.

Back in 2012 it probably wasn’t for me, I wrongly assumed that I wouldn’t always be disabled, I’d make a miraculous recovery and, life would go back to how it was before my accident.

I thought that my life was over, literally everything looked grim because, my life was revolving around drinking copious amounts of coffee (An extra-large Mocha with an extra espresso shot), therapy and, my occasional trip to the gym.

How times have changed….!

My favourite saying right now is (I’ll never be able to walk unaided again but, I can ride the wheels of my trike).

That’s a self-created saying by the way.

I more than probably won’t make the Paralympics but, one has to have dreams. 

I do have the ability to be a bloody good Para-cyclist though.

One has to have self-belief because, that makes anything possible.

My new cycling team manager obviously see’s something, otherwise he wouldn’t of signed me up.

Therefore, only time will tell…..