To say that (I’m so excited) is an understatement.

On Friday we leave at stupid o’clock, ready to endure the roughly nine hour drive to John ‘O’ Groats, where after what will likely be a completely sleepless night at the Seaview Hotel, we’re heading somewhere in the region of 937 miles to Lands-end.

The reality hit home only yesterday, when I was printing out 14 different maps giving the direction that we are heading.

OMG, the hills on the first five days in Scotland are something else….

It wasn’t until I actually printed out the map view for each of the 14 days using Google maps, when I finally realised the enormity of the challenge ahead.

The document that we had been using was great to show each of the destinations and the distances between each. However, it wasn’t until I was 

presented with such information as the different gradients and, the elevation gain for each climb, when I started to think that we’re only slightly bonkers.    

I’m going to try and keep a journal for each day which, will unfortunately have to be 14 different emails saved in draft on my phone, at least until I get home because, I don’t have a laptop just a desktop PC also, my hand writing is atrocious, whenever I write anything since my accident, it always looks like an epileptic spider has crawled across the page.    

Wish us look and, I hope that you don’t mind but, I’ll probably share my journal once it’s completed.