I’ve got to be honest, when I started to realise the enormity of my accident, I thought that my life was over. I mean, I’d spent years building a pretty impressive career.

All for what I’d ask myself on numerous occasions…?
What I hadn’t accounted for was, being able to turn the negativity of my accident into something that positively affects others.

Of course what I’m referring to is “The man that speaks” and my public speaking journey. 

On top of this, I hadn’t realised that I’d be able to return to cycling, a sport that I’ve always been very good at and passionate about.

In returning to cycling, I’ve created and I’m achieving some pretty spectacular goals.

One of which, I’ve detailed below “The Devon Coast to Coast”. 

We had hoped to cycle 100 miles in just one day. However, we hadn’t accounted for the mountainous terrain or, how rough the trail was, then the weather was atrocious.

Then I again had a puncture, then Ian’s knee was playing havoc with him. Nothings ever plain sailing. Not surprisingly Ian & I successfully achieved riding the Devon Coast to Coast in two days.

Hears to our next cycling challenge.