What can you say about LIFE…..?

In my humble opinion for what it’s worth, LIFE is very much like, just as Ronan Keating formally of a band called Boyzone sang, Life is like a Roller Coaster.

Ever since my accident I’ve been trying to rebuild what has become a pitiful LIFE, I mean I’ve gone from being a very successful businessman and, I was incredibly successful on a bike, both with an engine also without, to now being a disabled has been or, as I often say to my case manager a brain-dead cripple.

It’s easy for Louise or anybody else for that matter, to say how can you be a brain-dead cripple when you cycled the length and the breadth of Scotland and England, along with writing articulate blogs about my life also, public speaking? 

My accident has turned out to be the best and, the worst thing to ever happen to me, in fact when I’m giving a talk I make reference to the fact that on the 5th August 2009, me and my best friend was sat on the veranda of where we was staying, having breakfast whilst discussing our plans for that day, when we made the infinite decision to ride down to the Eiffel region of Germany to ride the Nürburgring.

I then go on to say, after a pretty spectacular day at the ring we decided to head back to where we’d been staying, we’d reached the B500 also known as The Romantic Road, when because that stretch of road was so good and, so twisty with lots of knee down action, we must have simultaneously thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be a good idea to go back and ride that same stretch of road again?

The thing about LIFE is, it’s so unpredictable, it’s rammed full of uncertainty and upset, my life certainly is.

Every positive is invariably overshadowed by a huge negative.

The 5th August 2009 being a prime example of why LIFE can be so unpredictable, I’ll probably never appreciate how close I came to death that day, other than I have been told that a police officer who attended the scene of my accident, he had said that my accident, along with the number of life threatening injuries was the worst that he’d ever seen where the victim actually survived.  

I very nearly lost my LIFE that day, if it wasn’t for the strength and the tenacity of all the doctors and nurses, I probably wouldn’t be alive today.

We each have one LIFE so, my advice to you would be to grab it by the short & curli’s and, live every single day as if it’s your last.

Sadly, I’m never going to make a full recovery, I’ll always be disabled equally, many things that you all take for granted I’ll never be able to do again.

Equally there are many things that I’m able to do that the majority of you can’t.

What I have learnt in the last 48 years, is that LIFE certainly is packed full of many ups and down’s, thankfully more ups.

I often think about the magnitude of what happened to me back in 2009, it sends a shiver down my spine to think that I very nearly wasn’t alive, I’d never had such a LIFE changing experience that I could relate to.

Prior to my accident LIFE would have simply revolved around work and, growing a pretty illustrious career in sales.

I’d certainly not be writing lots of blogs, largely because I wouldn’t have such an interesting LIFE that’s packed full of achievement, especially cycling.

It’s funny how you can apply LIFE experiences as the future unfolds, I’m able to use my experience presenting in various boardrooms to embrace my public speaking journey.

Then due to my experiences cycling in my youth, I’ve been able to apply that experience to achieving goals like cycling the JOGLE, then more recently the NC500 in Scotland to name a couple.

I ask myself almost on a daily basis, how is it possible to be at the top of my game, to not have a care in the world, to now being a disabled has been? 

I remember like it was yesterday, see I used to race motorbikes, I used to ride for North Gloucester racing team.

My race number was 174, I started out on a race tuned Suzuki GSXR600, blue with a white number board it was, it was also very nimble and, for a GSXR600 it was bloody quick, probably helped by the fact that it was race tuned.

Keen to step up a class, I traded it in for an Aprilia Mille, my African Elephant I called it, it weighed as much as an Elephant because, it was so big and cumbersome with a 1000cc engine but, my god it handled well.

I kept this for a short period of time before you’ve got it, I traded it in for another Aprilia.

Not content with the Aprilia, this one handled diabolical, I traded it in for a silver Ducati 999s with orange stars all over it.

This bike I was fearless on, just like with my Ducati 1098s road bike.

LIFE can be pretty bloody cruel at times, to go from somebody who’s at the top of their game, to becoming a disabled has been is a tough pill to swallow.    

I have a question, how is it possible to lack capacity yet, I’m able to write articulate blogs and competently public speak?

The mind boggles….