Hear we go again your all probably thinking, has Shane got nothing better to with his time, other than sit writing blogs about his recovery?

Right now due to the lockdown, I really haven’t….

Actually this week I am getting a bit busier again, tomorrow I will be delivering a virtual presentation to Headway North London. I have had to slightly modify my old presentation, in fairness when you consider how busy I’ve actually been during the 2 lockdowns, I’ve actually changed quite a lot.

Every morning without fail for the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting up for breakfast, then instead of going for a shower, I’ve been and changed into my cycling gear, obviously having had a shave and brushed my teeth, then I’ve been doing an hour long, sometimes longer session on my indoor cycling trainer or, turbo trainer.

Long gone are the days of me going back to bed for an hour after breakfast….       

Having already lost 2 1/5 stone already, I stand to be half the man I was before lockdown. 😂😂😂

What else has been happening…?

As you’ve seen I’ve been looking for a cycling buddy, somebody who’s fit enough and, who’s strong enough to accompany me, cycling distances of between 30 and 100 miles.

I’m delighted to say that on Thursday and Friday this week Ian & I will be putting 2 different people through their paces.

Birgit has found a third person so, hopefully one of them will be fit for purpose…only time will tell.