“Making the best of it” and choosing to maintain a positive mindset as a disabled person does NOT mean you aren’t allowed to give yourself days to be upset and mourn the loss of the life you had pre-injury.

You’ll have days where you feel like you’re on top of the world, like your disability can’t stop you from doing any of the things you want to do. 

You’ll also have bad days, too…. 

Days where there’s just one issue after another; things that are beyond your control that you’re forced to deal with anyway, and days where you just want to scream and cry and constantly ask why the universe put you in the position you’re in now. And you know what? That’s ok.

Being a proud disabled person doesn’t mean you’re ”happy” or “ok” with being disabled….

It means that you’ve refused to let any of the obstacles that life’s bombarded you with take away your ability to live a good and meaningful life.

Take me as an example, when I was discharged from rehab all that I wanted to do is sit at my computer or, take my daily trip to Costa Coffee in Warwick, where I’d drink an extra-large Mocha with an extra Espresso shot and, I’d usually eat a large cake of some description and, smoke myself to death.

My life had absolutely no purpose and no meaning, I was almost embarrassed about my disability and, I didn’t have any reason to keep going….

I’m fairly sure that I’ll never accept that this is me, being a disabled has been but, that’s ok because, what I have been able to do is turn the negative of what happened in my accident into something that’s quite inspirational, well I think it is anyway.

Do I cry? Yes often….

Am I “happy” or “ok” with being disabled? Absolutely not….

What’s important is, I’m now doing things that go a long way to making me “happy” or “ok” with being disabled.