Good tidings we bring to you and your king, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 

OMG, 2020 showed so much promise.…

What went wrong?

Oh, I know what went wrong, some clown allegedly ate a bat, then the Coronavirus happened.

Every year since I’ve know you all, around this time of year I’ve written a few words to summarise the year as a whole.

How do I put the year 2020 into words without swearing? 

The simple answer is, “with difficulty”.

Joking aside, whilst 2020 didn’t quite pan out the way that any of us anticipated, for me personally it’s still a year that’s been packed full of achievement.

Previous years has seen me bang on about (The man that speaks) and my public speaking journey which, has and still is going remarkably well given the circumstances. 

I’m just not delivering anywhere near as many talks as I’ve delivered in the past.

I’ve had to diversify, think outside of the box so to speak.

The recent talks that I’ve given, I’ll use Worcester University as an example, have been on line talks / presentations using things like Zoom or, Microsoft Teams. 

What they’ve been able to do is record the presentation, giving them the opportunity to play it back to students in different years. 

“This is where my diversification steps in”.

What I’m doing instead, is going online for a Q&A session which, invariably means a lot more questions because, the students have had longer to think about it and, to put their questions together.

It’s also given me an opportunity to re-write my presentation, to focus less about what I’ve achieved because of each of you and, to focus more on “My new normal”.


My / our year hasn’t quite finished, our being Ian & I.

On Sunday, blimey that’s come round quick, on Sunday we are heading to Whitehaven ready to tackle our third and final Coast to Coast for 2020.

To cycle 99 miles to Tynemouth…hopefully in 2 days which, given the mountainous terrain it’s still a relatively tall order.
I don’t know about tucking into Newcastle Brown Ale on arriving in Tynemouth, I’m thinking more along the lines of copious amount of Champagne, especially after this year.

What else has been happening…?

I’ve now recovered such that I no longer need night time support, I’d like to attribute that achievement to each of you.
So what’s next on my long road to recovery? Maybe I’ll become an astronaut, only kidding. 

What I’m intending to do is, try to achieve something that I didn’t do in my youth despite making the British National Squad, try to become a top cyclist or, trike’r.

Given our achievements to date, I think that it’s entirely possible. 

Anyway enough of my waffle, have a very merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year.