I’m sure that people have been waiting for the bubble to burst, on my re-kindled love for cycling.

That said, I’m sure that people have been waiting for the bubble to burst, on my public speaking journey.

However, I can say categorically that it won’t happen.

About 20 years ago, when I made the decision to sell my £1000 Colnago road bike or, pedal cycle and, buy a 1000cc motorbike. 

I must have taken leave of my senses…

At the time I didn’t believe in my ability to go all the way and, become a top professional cyclist. 

I wished that I’d been an avid user of LinkedIn back then because, I could have met some interesting people like Josh Quigley from Scotland, who I’ve only recently connected with.

Josh set himself the challenge of cycling, yes cycling around the world over the course of a year. 

He has been rather arrogant in saying things like, he plans on winning the Tour de France and, becoming the World Champion road cyclist within the next 5 years.

That’s quite a ballsy statement for a guy who hasn’t even turned professional yet.  

He sadly was forced to abandon cycling round the world when he was knocked off his bike. Fortunately, all of his injuries were only superficial. His bike on the other hand is a right off.

Luckily for Josh, he’s now back home in Scotland and, his sponsor has given him a new bike. He’s currently training hard whilst, making plans to return to the crash site to finish the challenge.

It’s strength and tenacity like what Josh is demonstrating, that makes me even more confident in my decision to stand on my own two feet.

He has very similar traits to my own…

The easiest thing in the world for us both, would have been to just role over and accept that we’re beat.

Clearly the fundamental difference between us both, is that my accident was significantly worse, in that I very nearly died.

I’ve also not let my recent mishap on the Coast to Coast cycling challenge deter me either.

Instead I was back on the bike the following day to push on and, complete the challenge.

Like Josh, I’m also hard In training for my next cycling challenge. On Monday, 21st SeptemberIan and I will be leaving my house in Hopwood, cycling through Craven Arms in Shropshire arriving in New Town on day one. On day two, 22nd September we’ll be cycling to Aberystwyth where we will have completed our 140 mile cycling challenge.

“I’ll never be able to walk unaided but, I sure can cycle”.

I’ve been accused of being unrealistic in the past. However, now that I’ve set myself some pretty spectacular cycling goals, I would argu that I’m more of a realist.

The only goal in question is the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris. However, that isn’t because of my own ability, it’s because the UCI who governs cycling doesn’t recognise a recumbent trike for competition at that level. I’ve just learnt that Claire Lomas who’s paralysed from the chest down and, is also a public speaker with a pretty spectacular story, has just returned to the stage after months of no speaking engagements due to COVID-19, so fingers crossed I can also return to the stage very soon.

Maybe then I’ll have something other than just cycling to talk about.…