About 18 months ago when my case manager organised the viewing and, test riding a recumbent trike with somebody who goes by the name of Kevin Dunseath, from a shop called D-tek in Little Threatford, Cambridgeshire. I ended up buying an ICE Sprint Recumbent Trike, closely followed by an ICE VorTeX. The idea being, that I’ll use the Spring for training and, the VorTeX for racing.

Well, that was the plan before COVID-19 rocked the world.

I never anticipated or, did I ever imagine what might happen next.

See I knew that I had the potential to be a good trike rider but, I never anticipated what would happen next.

To go from cycling just 6 miles round Canon Hill Park in Birmingham. To now comfortably and, competently cycling 70 – 80 miles to Drayton Manor and back, plus what we achieved cycling from Coast to Coast. Then our leisurely jaunt all the way to Aberystwyth, plus all of our other cycling achievements and, what we have planned, I actually believe that it’s pretty impressive. I keep referring to our, but of course I’m referring to my brother-in-law and I.

It’s certainly done myself worth and, my self-esteem no end of good.