I can’t vouch for any of you however, when I learnt to drive I was always taught the saying: –

(only a fool breaks the two second rule).

It only really applied when you was driving behind somebody, when trying to gauge whether you was to close to the car in front or not.

The easiest way to measure it was and, it probably still is, was to watch the car in front drive passed a fixed object, then when the rear of the car in front passes that object start counting, one, two. 

Clearly you’d probably say one, and two under you’re breath because, if you spoke out loud all the time you’d sound like a right bafoon. 😂😂😂

If you reached the object before you counted two, then you was driving too close…

Now we find ourselves thinking two for a very different reason, (only a fool breaks the two metre rule).

Of course I’m referring to COVID and social distancing.… 

I like many others, I’m really struggling with the lockdown well, the latest lockdown.

To say that I’m getting, “actually what am I saying”…? I’ve got cabin fever is an understatement. It’s lucky that I ride a trike because when or, should I say if we do finally break out of lockdown, I’ll probably need stabilisers again. 😂😂😂

For years I’d been a self made recluse. I can’t begin to even explain how difficult it’s been to accept that this is now my life. 

Other than to say it’s been bloody difficult.

It’s been hard enough to accept that this is my new life or, (this is me) but now we have a new kid on the block, we have the dreaded COVID to contend with.

Actually theirs a title for my next presentation this is me, god I miss public speaking, standing tall in front of audiences large and small, I’m missing an ordinate amount.

Yes I’m still giving talks but, it somehow isn’t the same talking to a computer screen.

Theirs nothing quite like, standing on stage in a room that’s packed full of people sharing your story. The head rush, the adrenaline, the feeling is one that I can’t explain.

You’ll have also seen my blog called Carpe Diem, SEIZE THE DAY.

Whilst I can’t seize the day like I once could. I fully intend to seize the day to the best of my ability. Hence why I’ve chosen to focus all my efforts into cycling or, should I say trikeing over therapy.