The 5th August 2009, meant that I’ve had to completely change the direction that my life was heading.

No longer am I career focussed, I’ve had to refocus my energy into things that I can still do, those being public speaking and, cycling.

Like I’ve said previously and, I’ll probably continue to say over and over again, “I’ll never be able to walk unaided again but, I sure can cycle”. In fact, I’ll probably never be able to do many of the things that I once taken for granted again. Things like, go running, go swimming, climb Snowden, walk the Lake District, drive a car, ride a motorbike etc.etc.etc…..

I’m sure that you get the idea….

So I can ride the wheels off my trike, what does that mean exactly…?

Up to now it’s meant that I’ve been able to achieve some pretty impressive cycling goals with many more goals in planning.

Throughout 2021 I aim to return to competitive cycling.

Then depending how that goes which, I envisage that it’ll go very well given my cycling heritage, my ultimate goal will be to compete as a Para-cyclist at the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.