Believe it or not I’m running out of things to say, just kidding.

I’ve talked before about whenever I’ve written a sporadic blog, it then gets published on my website, clearly having removed the Hi Everybody, I trust that you’re all well….! Along with my sign of bit at the end of my email.

The feedback that I’ve receiving has quite literally been overwhelming.

So far I’ve had 1,634 bits of positive feedback from people asking me things like, am I a professional blogger? Or, can you offer any advice to an aspiring blogger? Or, how do you centre yourself and, clear your mind before you start writing? 

My favourite one is, have I ever considered writing a book?

In answer to that particular question, I was writing my autobiography but, its not been touched in about the four years whilst I’ve been focussing on public speaking and cycling, more recently blog writing. The thing is, where on earth would I find the time to write a book? 

Unlike several years ago, when all I ever wanted to do is go and drink copious amounts of Costa Coffee or, sit watching mindless crap on the television. 

I haven’t even had the time to watch any of my favourite TV programme MotoGP, even worse I wasn’t even aware that my all time hero Valentino Rossi had retired or, he’s retiring.

I’ve talked many times before about having a motivational and, an incredibly inspirational story to share…..

What I’d like to do is thank each and every one of you for making it possible.

Until I recruited each of you, I needed assistance to do pretty much everything, now I walk completely independently with a stick over short distances, I’m 100% self-sufficient with all of my personal care, I now only need assistance to get suited and booted when I’m public speaking.

About 2 years ago I met Birgit at a shop called D-Tek in Little Threatford, run by somebody called Kevin Dunseath to look at a recumbent trike, I test rode and chose an ICE Sprint.

I was soon addicted and, several months later I bought an ICE VorTeX…

I now have an ICE Sprint that I’ve converted for off road use, an ICE VorTeX that I’ve been using for my many challenges like cycling the JOGLE and, I’ve just purchased an ICE VTX that’s solely for track and, competition use.    

So hears the thing, it’s so difficult to keep a positive outlook on life when the world, well my world appears to be crumbling around me.

It’s bad enough that I’ve had to serum to being a disabled brain injury survivor but, in June about a week before we was due to take on the JOGLE, Yvette announced that she wanted a divorce.

I’m not going to give the reason as to why she wants a divorce, other that to say that the reasons are six of one, half a dozen of the other. 

If anybody knows any attractive ladies who are single, in their mid too late forties and, would be comfortable with dating a disabled brain injury survivor, my contact details can be found below. 

I’m only joking, it’s going to be a long while yet before I even consider dating again, I’m going to focus what little energy I have on the things that I do best, Public Speaking, Cycling and, Writing Blogs….