“Shane is a fantastically engaging speaker with a very powerful and personal story to share.

His determination to overcome his injuries and to embrace life was inspiring to hear and delegates hung on his every word. He brought great humour to his presentation and I would not hesitate to recommend Shane to anyone who may consider him to share his story at an event.”

Tollers Solicitors

“I think it has given the residents a complete eye opener, as they like to use “we cant do this” for simple tasks when were trying to improve their strength in the exercise classes and a lot of them said after you had gone that they will no longer say the word cant, they are going to try and do what they can.

Was such a wonderful talk!”

 Sunrise Senior Living

Shane the man that speaks – what an inspirational afternoon.  To hear the story of your life changing injuries and yet here you are today to tell the tale after years of rehabilitation.

We loved the twinkle in your eye and the wit that still comes across. You made your audience appreciate the simple things in life and encouraged us to make the best of everyday. Keep up the good work


Sunrise Tettenhall

Truly and exceptional man, Shane Booth had everyone in the room hanging onto his every word during a recent presentation at the Happy Futures Skills Centre. Inspiring, positive and funny, Shane’s talk will stay with us all for a long time.


Happy Futures

“The CHS Healthcare Nursing Forum was very fortunate to be visited by Shane Booth, The Man That Speaks.

Shane delivered his heart breaking but uplifting presentation that took us on his life journey before, during and following his accident.

Shane’s story is both inspirational and motivating with a realistic insight into the rehabilitation process he has faced. His presentation was well-structured with a good measure of humour.

Shane is an exceptional gentleman who exhibits a thirst for life and a challenge; we hope to see you reach your goal of participating in the 2024 Paralympics!

CHS Healthcare

“Shane delivered an engaging online presentation to Speech and Language Therapy students at the University of Greenwich/Canterbury Christchurch University and provided them with invaluable insight into his journey and the rehabilitation process.

Shane detailed his experience with honesty and humour making the session not only stimulating but inspiring.

Greenwich University

““An amazing man!”

“What amazing achievements Shane.”

“What an inspiration you are Shane – thank you for sharing your story with us!”

“Good luck with the cycling Shane. Thank you for your inspirational story.”

“Your presentation was very inspirational Shane, thanks for sharing.”

Ramsdens Solicitors

““Shane spoke to our local brain injury support group in north London and we’re so pleased he came to speak to us.
Shane’s story shows the power of will-power and determination in the face of adversity. His message is one of positivity and encouragement and the entire group were astonished at what he has achieved after such incredible injuries.
Shane’s talk was engaging and heart-felt, delivered with both humor and honesty. We’d highly recommend him to anyone.”

Headway, North London

“We were so pleased to have your company today – absolutely you met and exceeded expectations! It was fantastic to hear your incredible journey and I hope it motivated our clients in some way, they were certainly very engaged from start to finish!”


“The clients were interested to hear of your accident as they could all relate to your experience in some way. Your positive attitude to rehabilation and determination to challenge yourself were very inspirational. They found your style of presentation and use of technology helped to make your talk accessible to them all. You handled contributions from the audience with patience and sensitivity. What a shame several clients were not in that day! Thank you once again for your visit and very best wishes for all your future challenges.”


“Shane spoke to an audience of 75 catastrophic injury lawyers, case managers and therapists at our rehabilitation following brain injury event in London on 9 November 2019.  He was a pleasure to deal with when organising the conference as he was so responsive to messages

Brain Injury Group

“Our residents and staff were delighted to meet Shane when he came to talk to us this week. He is an absolute delight and a truly inspiration man. Shane told us all about his journey to recovery following a very serious injury which left him fighting for his life and we couldn’t believe his achievements.

Shane offers inspiration to others while continuing on his own journey. Some of the residents were left speechless at the end of his presentation and many came to shake his hand before he left, saying what an honour it was to meet him. We wish him every success for the future – Thank you Shane.

Sunrise Senior Living

Our AJ Case Management team attended a presentation from Shane (The Man That Speaks) and he gave us great insight into the impact of his brain injury.  His talk was extremely inspirational and he told us how he had learn to take the rough with the smooth along his journey.

I know his journey continues and we watch with great interest the challenges that he sets himself. It really is worth spending some time with Shane to learn more about surviving a life changing injury.

AJ Case Managements

A fantastic presentation.  Thank you for sharing your story!  It sounds incredibly inspiring and reminds me why I’m excited to start speech and language therapy as a career. Onwards and upwards.

Demontfort University Student

Shane we are extremely grateful and honoured to have you with us today. You are a true definition of miracle, you are inspiring, courageous, amazing and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Am very grateful to have met you today and will love to have you over and over again.

I will also mention you to some of my colleagues. 

Impacting Lives Limited

“I just wanted to thank you once again for giving your time to present to us. It was fantastic and was so beneficial to the students to hear your tips and reflections. The feedback has been really positive.

You truly are inspiring and we wish your ongoing success in all your endeavours. Stay well and stay safe. 

Greenwich University

“It was really interesting to hear a real life story”
“The pictures helped it all come to life”
“I found Shane really inspiring and the way he expressed everything was fantastic”
“It was all just really good”
“The journey was portrayed really well”
“Really helpful to bring learning to life”
“The power point was visually well structured”

Worcester University

” I have just listened to your presentation at the Ramsdens webinar. Your story was incredible to listen to. Your determination and strength of character is absolutely inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I have to say when I see or hear of someone’s journey like this it makes me so excited about what can be achieved. I am a Neuro Physiotherapist with a charity called the Calvert Trust. We are currently setting up the UK’s 1st intensive ABI rehabilitation centre (Calvert Reconnections) focusing on outdoor activities. We will combine the traditional therapies and outdoor activities to deliver a unique rehabilitation program almost by stealth. And when I hear such inspirational stories it helps reaffirm the value in what we are doing. It reiterates the importance of the sense of purpose and identity that can be lost along someone’s rehabilitation journey. The importance of who a person is, and not just a patient. We should never under estimate the ability to look outside the box and be brave. Thank you for sharing this with us.”

Calvert Reconnections

“Shane is an inspiring and engaging speaker
Shane told his story with humour and honesty and helped me to really understand the challenges my clients might go through and ways to support them.
Truly inspiring
I learnt so much from Shane’s open and honest account of his journey
Shane provides so much hope and inspiration for other survivors of brain injury with what he has achieved and continues to do”

University of Greenwich