Whilst on my quest to find a cycling club that will accommodate a disabled cyclist riding a recumbent trike, after months of trying I’ve kind of drawn a blank.

Yes theirs clubs like V-Sprint who my cycling buddy Stef Brown rides for but, the reality is that their not really recumbent trike friendly.  

With this in mind I’ve created a forum on Facebook called (The Cycling Misfits) which, I’ve designed to aid and assist those cyclist who like me, life might have dealt them a terrible blow.

It’s early days at the moment, well it’s only been a matter of hours but, already I’ve got a hand full of interested parties. 

I’ve even given people access to create there own posts which, somebody has already.

I rode in an event on the 25th April at a cycle track at Stourport. The event was actually run by V-Sprint. Ian made some enquiries as to what it would cost to hire the track. 

It transpires that it only costs £30 for an hour, we reckon that to make it worth people’s time and effort, you’d probably need to run a two hour long session. 

Therefore, I’ve just created the following advert: –

I’m trying to gauge people’s interest…

I’m seriously considering running a series of meets at the cycle track in Stourport Worcestershire.

The meets will primarily be for like minded cyclists riding any kind of bike at any level.

It will be a maximum of up to 15 riders on track at any one time.

If your an aspiring Chris Boardman or, Sir Bradley Wiggins or, if you simply want to gauge you’re fitness against other cyclists then this meet is for you.

The venue has toilet facilities, a well stocked bar, well it has a bar and, a sizeable car park. 

So why not hang around after the meet to talk with people who share the same common interest in cycling.