Well what can I say that I haven’t already said, probably several times in the past….?

The mind boggles as to why I ever packed in cycling all those years ago, “I can only put it down to having a distinct lack of self-belief”.

Tomorrow my brother-in-law and I supported by Rob my support worker, along with two very good cycling friends from Market Drayton, Paul Walker and Ste Lee are heading to Barnstaple in North Devon ready to take on the Devon Coast to Coast from Ilfracombe to Plymouth on Saturday, 71 year old Glam Nabi will also be joining us for a portion of the ride.

This particular Coast to Coast my brother-in-law & I have already cycled it last year, when we cycled from Ilfracombe to Plymouth over 2 days, our goal this year is to cycle 100 miles in just one day on Saturday. 

The official route is a little under 100 miles which, is a distance that has eluded us even on the JOGLE where, our longest day cycling was 92 miles in the Scottish mountains.   

Yes I’m very aware that the official distance falls short of 100 miles therefore, the plan is even if it means backtracking, the plan is to keep going until one of us or, all of us register 100 miles on our on board bike computer.

My Mum, Dad and my Step Father Mike will all tell you that, I’d been cycling distances in excess of a hundred miles from about the age of 15. In fact, from the age of about 17 if I wasn’t racing, distances in excess of a hundred miles was a typical Sunday club run. 

Evidence speaks for itself….

I’ve just purchased a new recumbent racing trike, an ICE VTX from a company called Adapt-e and, my god it’s quick.

So hears my dilemma, I’ve got my racing trike along with my racing team.

I now have the self-belief and, with some focused training I have the ability to go all the way

However, I don’t really know how to get their as a disabled cyclist.

Any advice welcome…