After careful consideration and, the fact that the group that I’ve hosted on Facebook called “The cycling misfits” has almost become a household name in the cycling world, with people who ride recumbents regularly posting news on their cycling achievements, with 138 members to date. I’m actually considering turning it into a cycling club.

My reasoning behind this is, yesterday being the 19th June, I took part in my cycling club V-Sprints club championship at the Stourport cycle track.

I’ve never felt so discriminated against and, humiliated in all my years of cycling……

Granted out of everybody there, 25 people in total, I was the only disabled cyclist riding a recumbent trike but even still. 

That’s three hours of my life waisted, all that I was permitted to do was a 1 lap time trial of the 1km circuit with no warm up. It’s hard enough on a recumbent trike as it is but, to try to set off at speed is pretty much a none starter.

I was then asked to take part in the men’s 10 lap circuit race. 

Understandably I was made to start from the back due to the fact that on the trike I’m such a slow starter. 

But to add insult to injury before I’d even started I was asked to pull out after less than half of a lap. 

If I’d been given the opportunity to continue their is absolutely no way that I’d of finished last, especially with my cycling pedigree also, riders were dropping out like flies.

Therefore, we made our excuses and left.

Not that I’m bitter or anything but, shame on you V-Sprint….

What this has prompted me to do is, turn the Misfits into an actual cycling club?

The difference between (The Misfits Cycling Club) and, any other cycling clubs is The Misfits will cater for any kind of bike from Recumbents, Recumbent Hand Cycles, Recumbent Trike’s and, people riding a normal bike just wanting to try riding on track for the first time. The club won’t be full of cycle w*nk*rs as Ian prefers to refer to them as.   

So far I’ve hosted one track session at Stourport which, I received overwhelming feedback. Therefore, Ian & I have committed to hosting further events after we’ve successfully completed the JOGLE.

What people can expect from then club is as follows: –

– All ages welcome;

– All bikes are welcome;

– I’ll be running a club championship at Stourport for different bike classes;

– Their will be regular club rides and social rides;

– I’ll be designing and a club kit, prices will be made available on the Misfits site;

Should anybody be aware of any aspiring cyclists then please do put them in touch.