This morning I had a bit of an epiphany.

I woke up feeling excited about my new cycling challenge “The way of the roses”.

I then realised the enormity of what I’ve achieved in more recent years, especially when you consider that I shouldn’t even be alive.

“Its been reported to me, that a police officer who’d attended the scene of my accident, he had said that my accident along with the number of life threatening injuries that I’d received, was the worst that he’d ever seen where the victim, in this case me had actually survived”.

Now just over a decade later I stand confidently and, competently sharing my journey as (The man that speaks), thoroughly enjoying my public speaking journey. 

Not only am I public speaking to the masses but, I’ve also returned to cycling, a sport that I’ve always been very good at and passionate about.

On Monday, my brother-in-law and I embark on “The way of the roses”.

The way of the roses is a 170 mile cycle ride, that passes through some beautiful and picturesque countryside between Morecambe and Bridlington.

For a brain injury survivor and, a heart attack victim I believe that it’ll make a rather mind blowing story.