We came and, we conquered or, should I say we’ve just returned from cycling from Holyhead to Chester.

When I say we, I’m obviously referring to Ian, my cycling buddy Stef Brown, of course myself and, Rob came as our support crew. 

97.07 miles in just 2 day…..

Yes I’m very aware that I’d said that I would do it in just one day however, we didn’t actually leave Holyhead until 11:00am so we’d actually lost half of the day before we’d even started, otherwise I’m absolutely confident that it could have been finished in a day.

What we should of done, was gone Holyhead the night before and, had a much earlier start.

We could have started at about 8:30am but, they do say that hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Instead we cycled 46.50 miles on day one and, 50.57 miles on day two which, is probably more than I’d of cycled had I stayed at home.

Its still good training for the JOGLE no matter how you look at it…..

Especially as those distances are still about 15 – 20 miles short of what we’ll be cycling over 14 consecutive days.   

I’ve attached just a hand full of pictures from out trip.

Rob, whilst you don’t appear in many or, any of these photo’s it’s because I just did a random selection of what I had which, is bloody difficult with just one functional arm I can tell you but, just to say that you did an absolutely sterling job of supporting us, never being too far away.

It was a pleasure to have you on the team Rob.