This absolutely is the hardest time of year to be disabled, actually it’s probably the same for everybody in fairness. 

One of the most frustrating things is, well it is for me anyway.

It’s when everybody has opened all of their presents including myself, then because I’m not the most mobile, they miraculously disappear.

You then find out that they’ve been thankfully put away..…

“It’s now the lull before the storm so to speak”.

We’ve all overindulged on way to much Christmas dinner and, in many cases, I’m guilty of it, we’ve had too much red wine, actually to much alcohol in general.

I read something on Facebook the other day, about people making false promises to themselves for New Years resolutions.

Saying things like: –

  • I intend to loose weight;
  • I intend to fit into smaller clothes;

I learnt some time ago that having a very general goals never works.

You need to set yourself more goals, more measure-able and specific goals but, achievable goals.


Yes you’re overriding goal might be weight loss, for many it probably is.

Weight loss alone won’t cut it though. Ask yourself: –

  • How much weight do you want to loose?
  • When do you want to loose it by?
  • How are you going to loose it?

Like I say, more specific, measurable but, achievable goals.

Mine this year is quite simple, in fact it’s something that I preach when I’m public speaking which, is “to be the best possible version of myself”.

Just be happy and, enjoy yourself whilst achieving your those goals.