For anybody who’s heard one of my talks, you’ll know that slide three of my presentations makes reference to Ronan Keating formally of Boyzone. I then go on to talk about a song that he had in the charts some 17 years ago called (Life is a Roller Coaster).

I then go on to say, I don’t know the words to that song but, what I then go on to say is, one of the lines to that song is (Life is a roller coaster you’ve just to ride it). 

Then I make reference to my accident by saying, my life has very much like a been like a roller coaster right up until the 5th August 2009 when that roller coaster derailed.

I’m guessing that you’ve all heard the saying, “for very one step forward, you take two steps back”?

Right now that’s exactly how life feels, in that where cycling is concerned, unless I was able to turn professional and, ride in The Tour de France or become a world champion, cycling couldn’t really be going any better.

As you’ll possibly be aware, on Friday 25th JuneIan and I supported by Rob for a few days, we are heading to John ‘O’ Groats ready to start cycling somewhere in the region of 937 miles to Lands-end from the 26th.

The trip has been meticulously planned using a mileage planner called Kamoot, a snap shot of the daily activity can be found on the attached, along with our planned daily mileage and, the towns where we’ll be staying.

Note the first three days have the highest milage, I’ll make no secret of the fact that we just want to escape Scotland. Lol

With regards to two steps back, I’m not looking for a sympathy vote but, being disabled is the hardest thing that I’ve ever had or, will ever likely to have to endure again.

Ever since my accident I’d be looking for something to do with my, something that even though I’m disabled myself I could still excel at.

Luckily for me I’ve been able to do two of the things that I’d always been very good at, those being public speaking and cycling. Granted I’ve had to adapt to a new stile for both but, the reality is I’m still able to do both activities.  

The really nice thing is, all my recent cycling achievements make for great content to my already inspiring public speaking journey.

As you’ve all seen on numerous of occasions, I’ve created the following saying: – 

“I’ll never be able to walk unaided again but, I sure can cycle”. 

In fact I can ride the wheels of my trike….

What does that mean exactly?

Let’s explore that that statement a bit….

All that I’ve ever wanted since my accident is turn back the clock to the morning of the 5th August 2009, back to when Simon and I was sat on the veranda of the b & b where we’d been staying, overlooking a beautiful and picturesque river, tucking into a hearty breakfast, drinking fresh orange and fresh coffee.   

Instead every single day I’m reminded of the day that I very nearly lost my life on the B500, heading into the small town called Baden-Baden.

I had a session with Declan on Tuesday morning to do what I thought was going to be a capacity test about divorce, yes you’ve guessed it, after 7 years of marriage Yvette has decided to leave me because, I broke her trust in me.

Anyway I have absolutely no idea how or, even if I actually passed a capacity assessment because, I was a crumbling wreck.

I distinctly remember a couple of things from our session.

One was, do I ever cry or, have I ever cried since my accident…?

To which I replied, I’ve had a couple of moments over the years but, I’ve never actually sat back and cried my eyes out.

Perhaps that’s what’s needed, I’ve just forgotten how to cry it’s been so long.

Another thing that we discussed was a time when Declan came to see me at Mill Cottage. I’d literally just started wet shaving again, my face must have looked like I’d been in the ring with Mike Tyson.

I had what looked like paper cuts all over my chin and, my face was covered in blood.

Needless to say that, after months of months of perseverance I now wet shave almost every single day.

Anyway back to the JOGLE, we’re a matter of days not months or, years away from taking on the ride of a lifetime, cycling the big’n, cycling top to bottom or, from north to south cycling 937 miles from John ‘O’ Groats to Lands-end.

How excited am I… ?