You’ve all seen that I’ve got aspirations of qualifying for the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris on my recumbent trike. Who am I trying to kid? I’ve got more chance of being able to knit fog.

The days of me being a top competitive cyclist are well and truly behind me……

I will however be returning to competitive cycling in 2021, well I am if we ever get out of the lockdown, so one can only hope for some success. 

That reminds me of something that I sometimes say in my talks. (Define the word success). What does word success mean to each of you…?

To me every single day is a successful day.

If I’m able to achieve the smallest of things, then I’ve had a successful day.

Those things used to be tasks that I now take for granted again, well I say take for granted but what I really mean is, I now do these things with ease on a daily basis. Things like: –

  • Taking myself to the bathroom;
  • Having a wet shave;
  • Showering myself;
  • Drying myself;
  • Dressing myself;
  • Taking myself to bed;
  • In fact, as I’ve said many times before I’m 100% self sufficient in all of my personal care, well aside from when I’m wearing a suit;

Now thanks to my therapy team, I continue to achieve these things on a daily basis, whilst I’m achieving some pretty impressive cycling goals and challenges. Things such as: –

  • We now regularly cycle distances of 30 – 50 miles and, often a lot more cycling with Ian;  
  • We’ve cycled the Devon C to C cycling 100 miles;
  • We’ve cycled from Morecambe to Scarborough cycling 140 miles;
  • We’ve cycled all the way to Aberystwyth cycling 123.3 miles; 
  • We’ve now cycled to Drayton Manor and back twice. Achieving 75 miles each time;
  • On December 20th, we drove to Whitehaven ready to cycle 99 miles to Newcastle Upon-Tyn

Future goals include: –

  • Sometime in January 2021 Ian and I will be cycling roughly 90 miles down to London;
  • During July 2021, Ian and I will be cycling 937 miles from Lands-End to John ‘O’ Groats;

I anticipate that as we get ever closer to 2021 we’ll find even more goals.

I’ve already been receiving some amazing feedback from the new content in my latest presentation, following the talks that I’ve recently delivered online therefore, if anybody knows of any opportunities to deliver an online talk then I’m all ears.

By the way, if you no longer want to receive my Sporadic blogs just say. I promise that I won’t be offended.