“Words of wisdom from a brain injury survivor”

On the 5th August 2009, my life ended paving the way for a new life to begin, when I was involved in a major life-threatening motorbike accident at a place called Baden-Baden in Germany.

This accident left me fighting for my life, with several broken limbs and a traumatic brain injury, ultimately my accident left me disabled and for three months I couldn’t speak. 

Fast forward a little over a decade and, not only am I public speaking as “The man that speaks”, inspiring and motivating hundreds of people to be the very best version of themselves but, I’ve also returned to cycling, a sport that I’ve always been very good at and passionate about, creating the following targets and goals: –

  • On Sunday, 2nd August this year, my brother-in-law and I will the tackling (The way of the roses) 170-mile Coast to Coast cycling challenge;
  • From the beginning of 2021, I’ll be returning to competitive cycling;
  • In the summer of 2021, my brother-in-law and I will be cycling from Lands-End to John ‘O’ Groats;
  • Cycle in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham;
  • Cycle in the Paralympic Games in Paris; 

“It’s been reported to me, that a police officer who’d attended the scene of my accident, he had said that my accident along with that number of life threatening injuries that I incurred, was the worst that he’d ever scene where the victim, in this case me had actually survived”.

Prior to my accident, I’d been a very successful athlete having swam for Calderdale County at the age of just 9 years old, made the British National Squad cycling in my late teens and, I was an incredibly successful businessman. At the time of my accident I was a sales director for a division of IBM, before that I was the sales director for a company called TeleLogic, in fact I’d been in sales ever since I was 19 when I was a shop floor assistant for Harry Hall Cycles in Manchester. 

During a career that spanned some 26 years I’d delivered in excess of a thousand presentation, all with the same thing in common and that was to sell something and ultimately earn more commission, “purely for my gain”. 

When my speech therapist Jo Frost said to me early in 2017 that I needed a goal, public speaking was the obvious choice. 

Since the late spring of 2017 when I actually started my public speaking journey, I’ve successfully delivered 48 presentations about my life before during and after an accident that I should have never survived.

The difference this time is, my talks / presentations are “absolutely not for my gain”.

I don’t charge for my talks, instead I always aim to motivate and inspire people to be the very best version of themselves…..

The man that speaks