Your probably wondering how me, an average publican can possibly make such an amazing recovery, especially given how horrific my accident was. It’s been reported to me, that a police officer who attended the scene of my accident had said that my accident, and given how bad my injuries actually were, my accident was the worst that he’d ever seen where the victim had actually survived.Well let me try to explain why I think this is.

Since a very young age, I was always at the top of my game, well in sport anyway. When I was only 11 years old, I was already big into cycling and joined a cycling club called Todmorden CC. I remember like it was yesterday, rocking up to somewhere known as the Clitherow bypass one Saturday afternoon, to do my first ever 10 mile time trial. Which, for anybody who doesn’t know, it’s where you pull up to a start line, either on your own although there is such a thing as a two up time trial, team time trial or a tandem event.

Anyway I digress, this one particular day I rolled up to do my first ever time trial, I was wearing a skimpy pair of cycling shorts, made from lycra and a yellow and white short sleeved club cycling top also made from lycra, it was bloody freezing cold. I recorded a time of 27:04, being the fastest of our club riders.

From that day on, I got faster and faster, eventually breaking the 22 minute barrier. I’d eventually take up road racing, and soon became very good at this discipline winning many races along the way.

From the age of about 9, I’d already been a very competitive swimmer when I swam for a club called Calder Vally school of Swimming and represented Calderdale. I went on to represent Manchester and the GB team cycling, broke all manor of records in Athletics in school.

I also took up running competitively, running the London Marathon recording a time of 3:38:21, along with countless other running events. I also became a very successful businessman, becoming a sales director for a division of IBM, having been the sales director for a company called Telelogic. In fact I’d been in sales for most of my working career. So to wind up disabled has been a bit of a shock to the system…..!